About JN Chit Fund Team

Our Founder

The Chit and finance business started in a modest way at Chennai on 1980, has grown in stature and size, through hard work, selfless service and prudent management practices. Dr. Vn. M.V Narayana Gupta is the Founder, Managing Director born in the year 19XX.

From a humble beginning, J.N Chit funds has grown by sheer hard work, dedication and perseverance of our Charman. He is very pious and deeply religious man. Today we have gained the trust among our customers through the words and policies maintained by him for decades. He has contributed liberally to many noble causes. Through his business he has helped all his customers to attain growth in status and wealth. His humanitarian views and  empathy have brought him success and glory.

Our Executive Director

M.V.N. Mahendra Babu is the Executive Director of J.N Chit Funds. Mahendra Babu is an Engineer by profession who turned out to be an entrepreneur under the guidance of our Founder Dr. Vn. M.V Narayana Gupta.  As tireless hard worker and dedicated leader he led the company to a reach the remarkable level.

He is an active member of chit funds association, and participated in several forums. He is a person who believes in Givers Gain Philosophy, joined the world’s largest business group BNI to grow the business multifold and to serve the right people.

Our Team

The people who work at JN Chit Fund share the vision and values of our community. We’re driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence and trustworthiness. Hence our staffs are with us for more than 20 years.

JN Chits are only as good as what they achieve today. It doesn’t matter that we’ve been around for over 38 years, create hundreds of Happy Customers and Success Stories. History is important, but what we do today matters most, and we realise that.

If you think we might be able to help you and your company or organisation with investment, and give financial freedom, then we’d love to hear from you.

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